Mvqcredscorecomplete - MQVCREDSCORECOMPLETE passed 3 different charges of $19.95 each, not authorized to my card.!!!!

Estero, Florida 0 comments

My complaint is about MVQVREDCOMPLETE Company made 3 different charges to my card that were not authorized by me, in the amounts of $19.95 each.

The company mentioned above is doing this when I haven't made any purchases or ordered any kind of services from them whatsoever.

I want to be removed from any mailing lists you might have me under, DO NOT MAKE ANY OTHER CHARGES ON MY CARD, and also I am formally requesting a total refund of the charges made to my card immediately.

The dates of the transactions are the following:

On 02/11/2011-for services - $19.95

On 03/04/2011-for services - $19.95

On 03/19/2011-for services - $19.95

Thank You,

Aida M. Weiler

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Mvqcredscorecomplete - Mvqcrescorecomplete

Phoenix, Arizona 0 comments

I don't know what i ordered from this place so that maybe you can look it up and let me know.I am a single parent that gets paid bi-weekly.

So I have limited money spending. I did tried to call and did not get a answer. So i hope this will work. I would appreciate if you would take my name off of your list and put the money back in my account.

My checking account is in the negitive right now and i won't see half of my pay check because all are trying to take money out of it over and over.regina harmon 580-222-5415

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Mvqcredscorecomplete - Credit score company

Phoenix, Arizona 1 comment

I have not order anything off of this site.So please take me off of your site.

An replace the money that you took. I don't have any reason why i would get anything off this site. If you disagree with all this then call me and let me know what i have done. Will you please stop harrassing me and stop trying to take out money when there is not any in the account.

It is putting me in a bind and can't pay my bills.My name is Regina Harmon and my number is 580-222-5415


Athens, Illinois, United States #236653

You really shouldn't post your name and phone number out in public like this. It sounds to me like you may be a victim of identity theft. You should contact that company directly and find out where they got your information in the first place.

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